Louise French owner, founder and the drive behind LA Housekeeping. she has been a professional housekeeper for over 10 years and enjoys every minute.

Louise French
“I became a single parent when my children were young and determined not to live off anyone else, I started to knock on doors for cleaning work.   I became lucky and started working with a family that had just relocated from London.   My duties were to include housekeeping.   I was taught how to housekeeper on a large scale and I have never looked back.   My clients are fantastic, we have very good professional relationships and I pride myself on the fact that I now have great friendships with the clients whom I have relocated in the past and no longer work for.   As my children became dependent I wanted and needed to do more,  so after talking with my existing clients and thanking them for their support I  decided to use all my knowledge and experience to build ” L.A Housekeeping & Management “ It’s what I know and its what I do best.!!!!.”

“I also hold a CPC qualification for National Road Haulage Transport and   have good strong contacts with removal firms nationally and internationally, this has enabled me to help make the relocating process for my clients a lot less stressful.”

Please feel free to give Louise a call and she will help you with whatever you need to make you or your familie’s lives easier within the home or workplace, or if u need some help with removals whether it be nationally or internationally.

L.A. House Keeping & Management

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